Monday, March 11, 2013

Elle Macpherson Engaged!

He asked, she said yes and now Elle Macpherson is engaged. The supermodel is set to wed?billionaire?Jeffrey Soffer. US Weekly was first to break the news that Elle and her fiance’ Jeffrey are getting hitched. Although a rep for the former The Fashion Star host has yet to confirm the engagement, a “source” close to the happy couple confirms that the two are going to take a walk down the asile. The blonde bombshell is also keeping mum about her new fiance’ status, she has not said a peep about it on her Twitter account. However I have a feeling that will change soon. The soon to be husband and wife duo dated for two years before they split last year. However despite her reportedly being romanced by?financier?Roger Jenkins after the break up and he a young 20 something, it seems that the love of Macpherson and Sofer could not be denied. In November of last year the couple reconciled after he was injured in a helicopter crash. It looks like this time they are not letting each other go. As for when the wedding will take place something tells me that we won’t know that until after the two [...]


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