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Offering bonuses, Why It Does Not Always Make Great Business ...

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Hey there,

How are you??

Hope you had a great weekend, and that if you?re in the UK, you enjoyed the first weekend of Olympian action!

Today, in this post, I want to explore the world of product creation, and?offering bonuses when creating your products, or providing services.

You may remember last week, I wrote a post exploring why some marketers are a lot like fast food companies when it comes to offering bonuses.

They churn out junk products week after week that are littered with them offering bonuses, a lot like the fast food companies churn out junk food week after week.

Their goal is simple: to cash in on those who are dumb enough to buy into it.

Which, in a way, is most of us?

Like fast food, the internet push button junk products look great (glisten in the web sunshine, and generally make you feel great, for a couple of hours anyway!)

And gullably, the customers buy them, and lose their money, as well as pile on the pounds!

Many ?gurus? tell newbie Internet Marketers that to get started in this industry, you should create a product, while offering bonuses, lots of them, with it.

While offering bonuses with your first product, or, second, third product maybe a good option, sometimes, it can have a detrimental affect on your business, especially if you are just starting out.

Let me explain.?

I get a lot of emails each day from people pitching me products, and, invariably, if you have an eye for spotting a good offer, the better offers generally tend to have maybe one or two bonuses with the product at the most.

Littering your product with free bonuses, may seem like you are ?over delivering? to your customer/prospect, but actually, have you ever thought that you may actually be deflating the quality of the main product?

In my opinion, if your main product is good, then you shouldn?t need to be offering bonuses left right and center.

Let me explain more.?

Offering Bonuses: Junk?

You remember when I wrote about my favourite documentary film last week, Super Size Me?

Well, in that film, the product that Morgan Spurlock was testing was the MacDonalds? menu.

We already know that the product is not exactly the best product in the food industry.

But, to try and make the product better, tastier, or even just bigger, the server behind the counter has to upgrade or ?super size? you ? or in UK language, ?go large? ? to make you think you are getting something better, when you are clearly not!

Offering Bonuses: Quality Not Quantity

This is the same in the Internet Marketing arena, there are a lot of marketers who try to sell junk products, and typically, will be offering bonuses that deflate even more the quality of the main product.

Assuming that main product was good in the first place.

In fact, I?ve seen so many marketers offering bonuses that some of the bonuses I?ve spotted have often been main products themselves!

The moral of the story here is this.

Offering bonuses is good if that bonus is useful, and compliments the main product.

For example, the WordPress Plugin I bought last week, Keyword Winner, was only offering bonuses of one ebook.

I could tell from looking at the sales page, that this was a quality product, that needed no upgrades, bonuses, or super sizes, it was just a quality product on its own, and it delivered.

The only bonus it had was an ebook, which delightfully illustrated the quality of the plugin and advice on how to get the most out of it.

The product took care of itself.

And that is the lesson you should learn when creating your own products, and offering bonuses.

Start offering bonuses that really matter, and not just ones that are designed to cover up the lack of quality of the main product.

Be a real product creator by offering bonuses that matter!


I hope that helped?.

Stay Olympically motivated



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