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Article Marketing is one of the best strategies to build your online business around. The recent Google Panda Update is said to have severely hurt Article Marketing. To the contrary, the Panda Update actually helped Article Marketing a great deal, by getting rid of the black hat creeps and allowing the cream to rise to the top.

So now is actually the best time to use, and even build your business around, Article Marketing. In addition, here are 7 more great reasons to get started now:

Top 7 Reasons to Build Your Online Business with Article Marketing

1 - You get a better quality customer - While Social Marketing is all the rage, the customer you get has read a 140 character tweet, or a brief Facebook update on a brief LinkedIn update. So they have not done much to qualify themselves. When someone reads your 400 - 500 word article, they have done much more to qualify themselves. In fact, between someone who has passively watched a 3 minute YouTube video and someone who has actively read a 400- 500 word article, I'll take the article reader every time.

2 - Fewer people do it and do it well - So why is that an advantage? Simple, less clutter. So you get noticed more. Anyone that can fog up a mirror can tweet on Twitter or update on Facebook or LinkedIn. It takes special skill to create an article that informs, solves problems, and compels the reader to take action.

3 - Conveys authority and expertise - When you have several articles spread across the internet focused on your area of expertise, it communicates a level of authority and expertise that other methods can not even come to, including Social Marketing.

4 - Get in front of other people's best customers - When someone else publishes your article on their blog, in their newsletter, you are getting in front of someone else's customers for free, no JV, and no affiliate fees. This is a good deal.

5 - Sustainability - The ability to create a prospect and profit pulling articles does not change every day, week, month, etc. a does many other forms of customer attraction. So when you get good at it you can use it forever.

6 - The New Author - This part is really cool. Having several articles spread across the internet in your niche establishes you as an expert author, with all the authority, credibility, and expertise associated with being the author of a book, without all the difficulties that come with getting a book published.

7 - Makes everything else easier - Another cool thing about Article Marketing, is the ability to create this one thing, a prospect and profit pulling article, makes everything else easier. A 400 - 500 article gives you plenty of material for tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts, LinkedIn updates, and YouTube Videos.

And now, to help you get started building your business with Article Marketing I would like to invite you to claim your FREE Instant Access to 2 of my Instant Article Creation Templates when you visit http://www.JeffHerring.com. Even if you do not pick up the templates, or maybe even already have them, you'll find tons of resources about building your business with Article Marketing.

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