Friday, August 31, 2012

Tig Notaro On Dating With Breast Cancer | The Frisky

The doctor has prepared me for more weight loss and losing my hair. Dating isn?t the main focus here, but it?s fresh in my mind, because I just got out of a relationship. So I?m just sitting here, thinking, ?Wow, not only am I single, but I?m about to be four pounds and bald.?

?Comedienne Tig Notaro went onstage last month in Los Angeles and opened her set by saying ?Thank you, I have cancer, thank you.? The audience was shocked. In this week?s New York Times Magazine, Notaro talks about how she had a life-threatening infection, lost her mother to a freak accident days after leaving the hospital, and then was diagnosed with breast cancer. To cope, she did what she does best: got up onstage and laughed about it. It really struck me from this interview, jokes aside, that Tig Notaro is an extremely strong person. Very much hoping for she gets well soon ? and stops being on the receiving end of life?s shit stick.?[New York Times Magazine] [Image: NYT Magazine]


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