Sunday, September 30, 2012

2,000 Turn Out for Biden in Florida as 725 Show up for Ryan in New Hampshire

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The GOP ticket?s attendance problems apparently aren?t just limited to Mitt Romney. 2,000 people turned out for Vice President Biden in Florida, while Paul Ryan spoke to a crowd of 725 in New Hampshire.

According to the AP, ?More than 2,000 people crowded into a community center to see Vice President Joe Biden talk about Medicare, the federal deficit and tax cuts for the wealthy.?

The Merrimack Patch reported on Ryan?s rally, ?A crowd of 725 supporters squeezed into the school?s field house, with at least a hundred stationed on rows of bleachers behind Ryan with a sign above reading, ?We can?t afford four more years.?

Both candidates did manage to fill their respective venues, but with the number of campaign days starting to dwindle down before Election Day, it is important to ask, what was Paul Ryan during in New Hampshire? While Joe Biden was out campaigning for Florida?s 29 Electoral College votes, Paul Ryan was in New Hampshire courting the state?s four Electoral College voters. If Romney and Ryan are serious about winning, shouldn?t they be spending their time courting voters in bigger states?

Medicare is the obvious reason why the Romney camp isn?t going to let Paul Ryan spend much time in Florida, but instead of campaigning Mitt Romney was in Pennsylvania yesterday in order to raise money to spend in states that he is more competitive in. Beyond efficient time management, the bigger problem for the Romney/Ryan ticket is that voters aren?t turning out to see them.

Paul Ryan was supposed to bring the conservative star power to the ticket, but hundreds are showing up for his events. In contrast, Joe Biden and Barack and Michelle Obama are drawing thousands to their campaign stops.

What?s even worse for the GOP is that Vice President Biden is outdrawing their presidential nominee. More people are coming out for Biden than are showing up to see Mitt Romney. It is difficult to believe that more people would show up to hear a sitting vice president than would come out for one of the two men who could be our next president, but this seems to be exactly what is happening.

Through out the entire 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney has drawn only hundreds of people to many of his campaign events. Romney couldn?t draw a crowd during the primaries, and slapping the title of presidential nominee on him hasn?t helped.

It is becoming impossible to escape the fact that not only is the Romney/Ryan campaign poorly run, but it is also generating very little enthusiasm. For a self-styled Mr. Fix It, Mitt Romney is running a terrible campaign. And if Romney can?t handle a presidential campaign, how is he going to govern the country?

While Joe Biden was outdrawing the Republican ticket on his own, another day slips by on the campaign calendar as Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney continue to tread water.


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