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Top Five Tips On How To Decorate Your Bathroom | ej-fransen.com

A bathroom in a home is one of the most important rooms and over a lifetime we spend a large amount of time in there. This is why many of us search for that perfect bathroom when we are looking for our new home and spend a considerable amount on money and time making it perfect. At different times in our lives we view and need our bathrooms differently, for example when we have children the bathroom that is suitable is not the one that we have when we are living alone or with other adults. However, the basis bathroom d?cor should never change even if we need slightly different layouts in our bathroom as we are using it for different amounts and ages of the residents to it.

1. Neutral Colours Choose a neutral colour for the basis of your bathroom.

This will make the room look larger and open planned. It will give the bathroom a look of cleanliness and freshness, which is appealing and welcoming. Many of us will use our bathrooms to relax in, using our bath tub to soothe away the stresses of our every day lives and sooth away our aches and pains. A neutral colour will give a sense of calmness and will compliment and add to achieve a relaxed space in the house.

2. Clean Lines

I would recommend sticking to clean lines when choosing a new suite or furniture for your bathroom. Keep individual items simple and this will give the overall look of the room to that of high quality. It will also keep the room looking fresh and organised. Choosing a traditional clean lined suite and keep the colour neutral this will make sure that it will stand the test of time where fashion in the home is concerned.

3. Bath or Shower Choose a bath or a shower?

This is the number one dilemma when people are choosing a new bathroom. I would also recommend if you have the space choose a bath and a shower cubicle to have separately. This adds real value to your home and is highly desirable. However many of us whether it?s a size, budget or plumbing issue we will not be able to have both. In this case again I would recommend having a bath over a shower. If you can fit a shower also into the bath so its duel purpose that again would make your bathroom highly desirable.

4. Clear the clutter Ideas

Always remember to clear the clutter in the bathroom as this will make the room appear larger and more inviting. Obviously we all want and need our homes for living and they need to be functional. There are some fantastic storage units available on the market that fit perfectly into most bathtubs or shower cubicles, which will keep the bathroom organised but will also keep everything you need within easy reach.

5. New Towels / Shower Curtain

I would always advise people to keep the basis of their bathrooms neutral but I would say go for colour, lots of colour for your towels and shower curtain. Express yourself with these accessories, stick to a colour scheme and use these to compliment each other and give the room some character.

Daisy Burgess ? Bathroom and Walk In Bathing Expert

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