Saturday, September 8, 2012


Global Business Lawyers? Blog has previously featured information regarding the importance of a Nevada entity using a business lawyer as its registered agent.? These reasons include prompt notification and consultation or referral in the event the entity is served with a summons and complaint, or subpoena in litigation.? While commercial registered agent or corporate services firms will forward information received as a conduit to the entity, the legal analysis is absent unless a business lawyer is the one with initial receipt.

While one may think that the simple task of notifying the Nevada entity?s principal(s) of renewal fees and forms that are due is more economically handled by a corporate services company, consider the advice the entity may need if the filing deadlines are missed and the corporation, LLC or other entity falls into ?default? or, eventually, ?revoked? status with the Nevada Secretary of State.? Unlike a corporate services firm, a Nevada business lawyer will be able to advise the entity client that maintaining its good standing has a direct impact on whether the entity has the legal ability to participate in litigation in Nevada at all.? Indeed, a Nevada entity in default status (for something as simple as a neglected renewal deadline) loses its legal ability to prosecute and defend a law suit.? Additionally, the Court?s scrutiny of the entity in the face of adverse claims for disregard of the corporate entity or ?piercing the corporate veil,? to obtain the personal liability of the entity?s principal(s), becomes harsher when the entity in question has failed to maintain its good standing.

Global Business Lawyers routinely advises its corporate clients in these matters and, if necessary, vigorously defends corporate clients in litigation in the face of such claims as described above.? Obviously, the preference is for the entity not to be in that position in the first place.? Competent advice from a Nevada business lawyer can achieve that ? the mere forwarding of mail by a corporate services firm cannot.


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